About Us


This website is created for Prateek Laurel AOA Members to keep them updated about all the latest happenings and discussions that are going on in Prateek Laurel.



Prateek Laurel society possession started in early 2014. There are 2 phases in PL i.e. Phase 1 [Tower A-G] and Phase 2 [Tower H-N]. There are total 14 towers and 1532 flats.



Vision is be positive, stay connected, stay focused and work together to further strengthen and expand our established position and continue to transform the lives of Prateek Laurel AOA members and significantly contribute towards improvement in quality of life in Prateek Laurel.

"Let us make a pledge today. Together. To support one another. Shoulder to Shoulder. To create the landmarks that will withstand the test of time. Icons. To work towards the growth of the society and each one of us individually. Sincerely. Let us make this pledge today. Together"

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